Nutritional Therapy Consultation

How can nutritional therapy help you?

There is no one-fits-all diet, we all have our individual requirements for nutrients based on a number of factors including our genetic make-up, our lifestyles and environments. The aim of nutritional therapy is to establish nutritional imbalances that may contribute to symptoms and suboptimal health.

Often just looking at current diet, past and present symptoms, lifestyle, medical and family history can give many clues as to where improvements in diet could make a difference to your health. Simple changes can often make a big difference, and these may be quite different from one person to the next. One person’s meat is another person’s poison, quite literally. Nutritional therapy is a lot more than just advice on a general healthy diet.

Functional testing

In some instances the use of functional tests may be used to establish or confirm suspected imbalances. These are non-invasive and can mostly be carried out from the comfort of your home. Functional testing has become an important tool in nutritional therapy which now operates on the functional medicine paradigm.

This is different from diagnostic testing in that the aim is not to diagnose disease, this is beyond the remit of nutritional therapy and belongs in the hands of a medical doctor. The aim is to identify imbalances which may contribute to ill health in the longer term. Examples include nutrient imbalances, imbalances in digestive function and bowel flora or hormone imbalances.

What to expect from a nutritional therapy consultation?

During the initial consultation (75-90 minutes) a detailed medical, dietary and lifestyle history is taken. From there we discuss possible imbalances that can cause or contribute to your symptoms and draw up a nutritional programme consisting of dietary and lifestyle changes to meet your needs. I may also recommend nutritional supplements to support the programme. During follow-up consultations we review progress and fine-tune the programme.


Wellbeing package £200
• 1 initial consultation incl. summary report and supplement recommendations if appropriate
• 1 follow-up consultation
• Support by telephone and e-mail between consultations

Additional follow-up appointments £80